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A free collection of website additions used to improve your web page's usefullness to your visitors including free SEO tools for your website, web tools, RSS feeds and more.

Website Templates
Dowload over 100 free website templates.

Search Placement Box
Add search placement check to your website.

Add a free bookmark script to your site.

Blog Search Box
Add bookmark & blog search to your site.

Keywords Suggestion Box
Add keyword suggestion checker to your website.

Meta Tags Analyzer Box
Add meta tag optimizer tool to your site.

Google Backlinks Box
Add Google backlinks checker to your website.

Link Popularity Box
Add link popularity checker to your website.

Search Engine Saturation Box
Add our search saturation checker to your website.

Keyword Verification Box
Add keyword verification check to your site.

Google Dance Tool
Add Google dance tool to your website.

Free Downloads
Download free web development tools.

Download Free Screensavers
Download free Windows screensavers.

Web Resource Search Box
Add a resource search engine to your site.

Advanced "Tell a Friend" Email Referral
Add an email referral box to your website.

Website Content Feed
Add a website content feed to your site.

Webmaster Tool Feed
Add the webmaster tool feed to your site.

Code Generator Feeds
Customize code generators for your site.

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