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A free selection of SEO tools for checking toolbar website ranking. See Google and Alexa toolbar ranking information without downloading and adding their toolbars to your browser.

What The Toolbar Tells Us

The following tools were created so you can view your website’s Google PR (PageRank) and Alexa Web Rank without the need download and install the Google or Alexa toolbars to your browser. Google toolbar gives you a PR number out of 10 possible points, and supposedly is a Google measurement showing the importance of a web page. The Alexa toolbar shows a web ranking number. The lower the number, the better. How does this help with your SEO efforts? Well, it doesn’t. In-fact, Alexa statistics are only gathered from Alexa toolbar users, which make up a very small percentage of internet users. Google toolbar PR isn’t a good measure of anything. Actual Google PageRank is a good measure of how thay rank a website, however, this number we cannot see. Only Google really knows. So why do we provide these tools? Because enough website owners disagree with the above statements, and some just want to know the information anyway, so we developed them anyway.

Google PageRank Checker
View Google Toolbar PR or PageRank for any website.

Alexa Rank Checker
View Alexa toolbar Web Rank and other data for any website.

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