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My name is John Kline and I'm a professional SEO specialist and consultant. I have optimized many websites over the past decade using the best SEO practices since 2001.

Are you looking for professional SEO services to improve your search engine placement in Google for your website without wasting your hard earned money? Are you looking for personalized services that you can't get from a large SEO firm? Are you wanting to increase organic search traffic and greatly improve your ROI? If you answered "YES" to any of the previous questions, then my SEO services can help you. SEO is my passion and the "geek" in me gets excited when I deliver the results my clients want. I give your business the focus it needs and the ranking in the major search engines it deserves.

The truth about me and SEO:

I am NOT an inexperienced self proclaimed "SEO guru" that many claim to be. I AM an experienced webmaster who has learned how to optimize websites with great results for more than 12 years. I DON'T make false "be #1 on Google" sales pitches that frustrate and disappoint (FACT: Google search results constantly fluctuate, therefore there is only an average position as noted in Google Webmaster Tools). I DO get noticeable results that improve website placement that increase organic search traffic, making me an experienced SEO Specialist.

I know what SEO techniques work and what tactics do not. A lot has changed in SEO over the last 12 years, and I have adapted well to the changes with great success. The main focus of my SEO services is to get sites ranked on Google, and I have found that Yahoo and Bing results tend to follow suit. I understand what Google's main objectives are when ranking websites well in their search engine result pages and this is what I can do for your website.

Main SEO Services Provided:

  1. Keyword Research - I find what people are actively searching for in relation to the subject matter of your web pages.
  2. SEO Copywriting Services - I write or alter your pages information (SEO copywriting) for users while utilizing the keywords for the best results.
  3. Optimizing Source Code - I enhance your source code; what the user doesn't see, which Google does see.
  4. Titles and Meta Tags - I alter or write your web page titles and meta data yielding great results for users and Google.
  5. On-page SEO - I optimize headings, paragraphs, and all on-page aspects for users and Google.
  6. Increase website speed - I maximize your web page loading speeds using the best practices to increase ranking.
  7. Linking Structure - Optimizing in-page links for your website users and search engines.
  8. Social Media Optimization (SMO) - Utilizing and optimizing social media business pages and videos including YouTube, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, and more.
  9. Adding Authorship - I let Google know what you own which enhances search results, increasing SEO and click-through rates (CTR).
  10. Structured Data - I utilize Google's structured data, improving ranking and click-through rates for your web pages in the search results.
  11. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics - I use the tools Google created for monitoring and enhancing your web pages performance.
  12. Google Places for Business - I optimize local business listings in Google places to rank high for local searches.

My Response To Off-page SEO: I see too many SEO's trying to "get backlinks" to increase Google PageRank (PR) which results in their client's websites getting penalized by Google. This results in their websites getting dropped or lowered in Google's search result pages. I perform off-page SEO differently because Google expects backlinks to come naturally, as they should. The days of manipulating Google's results are over. Google has created many "animal algorithm changes" like "Google Penguin and Panda" to combat such manipulation of their results. I simply follow Google's rules, make Google happy, and my client's are rewarded by the results. It's ALMOST that simple. So as far as off-page SEO is concerned, my SEO services include creating opportunities to increase quality backlinks mainly through social media (SMO) as part of my on-going SEO options. In addition, others will link to your website naturally because the web pages will be ranking higher and getting more visits, hence becoming useful content for others. Again, natural backlinks get the best results.

Breakdown of SEO service fees:

Base Fee per Month: $200
Details: Cleanup and implementation of code in relation to SEO in order to maintain the design and integrity of the website.

Hourly Rate per Month ($125/hr.): $2000
Details: 16 hrs. each month (4 hrs. each week on a specified day and time slot) of on-page and off-page SEO work. Hourly updates on work preformed will be communicated to you in the method of your choice (email, Skype, and/or phone). Detailed SEO progress reports will be emailed at the end of each monthly cycle (date of sign up). Note: Backup files are made to ensure a quick recovery in the unlikely event an error occurs. I have proficient experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, vbScript (ASP/ASPX) and CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla and X-cart)

Total Monthly SEO Service Rate: $2200

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SEO services include continuous on-page & off-page search engine optimization.
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My SEO service prices ref lect what I will do for each individual page of your website as listed above, no matter the size or subject matter. Every client's website is treated with the utmost care and with equal priority. Because SEO is an ongoing process in order to gain and maintain rankings in Google, I only focus on a limited amount of client websites depending on size. When this limit is reached, the subscription payment form above is removed in order for me to focus solely on my current clients.

I will work toward your goals until they are met. If you are interested in me helping with your SEO needs (small or big), or simply have some questions for me about my SEO services, please send me a note and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Thank you,
John Kline

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