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John Kline is a professional SEO Freelancer and consultant whom has optimized many websites using the best SEO practices since 2001. His SEO services specialize in both international and local SEO for any size website.

Are you looking for professional SEO services to improve your search engine placement in Google for your website without wasting your hard earned money? Are you looking for personalized SEO services that you can't get from a large SEO firm? Are you wanting to increase organic search traffic and your ROI? If you answered "YES" to any of the previous questions, then John Kline's SEO services can help you. Why? Because SEO is his passion and his twelve plus years of experience show proven results in ranking websites well in Google. He gives your site the focus it needs and the ranking it deserves.

Here's what John has to say:

I am NOT a self proclaimed "SEO guru" that many claim to be. I AM an experienced webmaster who has learned how to optimize websites with great results for more than 12 years. I DON'T make false "be #1 on Google" sales pitches that frustrate and disappoint. I DO get noticeable results that improve website placement, making me an experienced SEO Specialist.

I know what SEO techniques work and what tactics do not. A lot has changed in SEO over the last 12 years, and I have adapted well to the changes with great success. The main focus of my SEO services is getting sites ranked on Google, and I have found that Yahoo and Bing results tend to follow suit. I understand what Google's main objectives are when ranking websites well in their search engine result pages and this is what my SEO services will do for your website.

The Freelance SEO Services John Offers:

  1. Keyword Research - I find what people are actively searching for in relation to the subject matter of your web pages.
  2. SEO Copywriting Services - I write or alter your pages information (SEO copywriting) for users while utilizing the keywords for the best results.
  3. Optimizing Source Code - I enhance your source code; what the user doesn't see, which Google does see.
  4. Titles and Meta Tags - I alter or write your web page titles and meta data yielding great results for users and Google.
  5. Decrease Page Loading Time - I maximize your web page loading speeds using the best practices to increase ranking.
  6. Image SEO - I make your website images spider friendly while enhancing SEO.
  7. Linking Structure - Optimizing in-page links for your website users and search engines.
  8. Social Media Marketing (SMO) - Utilizing and optimizing social media business pages and videos.
  9. Adding Authorship - I let Google know what you own which enhances search results, increasing SEO and click-through rates (CTR).
  10. Structured Data - I utilize Google's structured data, improving ranking and click-through rates for your web pages in the search results.
  11. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics - I use the tools Google created for monitoring and enhancing your web pages performance.
  12. Google Places for Business - I optimize local business listings in Google places to rank high for local searches.

John's Response To Off-page SEO: I see too many SEO's trying to "get backlinks" to increase Google PageRank (PR) which results in their client's websites getting penalized by Google. This results in their websites getting dropped from Google's search result pages. I do off-page SEO differently. Google expects backlinks to come naturally, as they should. The days of manipulating Google's results are over. Google has created many "animal algorithm changes" like "Google Penguin" to combat such manipulation of their results. I follow Google's rules, make Google happy, and I am rewarded by the results. It's ALMOST that simple. So as far as off-page SEO is concerned, my SEO services include slowly and safely building quality backlinks as part of my on-going SEO options. In addition, others will link to your website naturally because the webpages will be ranking higher and getting more visits, hence becoming useful content for others. Again, natural backlinks get the best results. I also give advice and utilize social media to help you increase website traffic.

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OPTION 1: On-going SEO Services

SEO services include continuous on-page and off-page SEO.

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OPTION 2: One Time On-page SEO Services

SEO services include one time optimization of each page.

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You will be contacted by email within 24 hours of purchasing my services.
My SEO service prices reflect what I will do for each individual page of your website as listed above, no matter the size or subject matter. Every client's website is treated with the utmost care and with equal priority. Because SEO is an ongoing process in order to gain and maintain rankings in Google, I only focus on a limited amount of client websites depending on size. When this limit is reached, the subscription payment form above is removed in order for me to focus solely on my current clients.

I will work toward your goals until they are met. If you are interested in me helping with your SEO needs (small or big), or simply have some questions for me about my SEO services, please send me a note and I'll reply as soon as possible.

Thank you,
John Kline

SEO Client Testimonials


Here's a recent client testimonial from Martin at &

"So basically I joined this forum for some advice and to seek out the right person to deal with my seo issues and on site errors for my local UK business site. This was after having tried countless times, countless tactics and having employed several people who failed me for one reason or another."

"I gave some basic details and several people kindly put themselves forward to offer advice. One of these was John at SearchBliss who instantly pointed out he had some immediate observations of my sites errors and recommended amendments. John was clear and concise from the off and no false promises or sales pitch were apparent. He simply told me the basics of what he thought needed doing and explained where my errors were."

"From here I was confident in Johns expertise and was impressed with his professional attitude and timely response to all my queries. I decided John was someone who clearly new how to handle my WordPress sites and although he has no knowledge of my business or its running, he was confident that with little effort, he could improve my site and therefor increase my visitor rates and search visibility."

"First off, all immediate errors and missing data were corrected and optimised for both the visitor and search engines in mind. We decided that the basic site behind the scenes structure would be altered and improved to suit. This was the first task and at which John then kindly explained what he had done (with some improvements at no charge as they were so simple but important). Here is where my trust level with John went through the roof! Literally overnight my impressions improved massively which we tracked via several tools and within a couple of days, my visitors increased too. Also at this point whilst we waited to see what happened, John and I agreed that my content was not performing and he explained why. We decided to take it page by page at a set price which worked for us both. I wanted to ensure I had the right person and John wanted to prove that his expertise would help my site without false promise and avoiding large expense with guarantee."

"In the meantime, John did some digging and offered many tips with other things like my Google places page. I was aware rankings don't come overnight and I honestly have to say, my places page is getting massive traffic and is number one spot for many searches!"

"So, four days in and my content is looking clean and well written. It is no longer keyword stuffed, looks natural and informative whilst engaging the reader. John explained more about Google webmaster tools and I can clearly see that in four days, my impressions are up 57% and my visitors are up 25% on average! I can only say this is the best SEO service I have ever had and John and I will be working together for a long time! I will state, I am new to the forum at Digital Point (search for my profile by all means - m82s) and I by no means have any financial or other commitments with John or SearchBliss. I'm just a client who sings his praises and shouts his name from the rooftops".

~ Martin Scott

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