Buy SEO Services from expert John C. Kline

Buy SEO Services from specialist John Kline

Are you looking to buy SEO services? Do you want to get your website seen by as many potential customers as possible? My SEO services give you long-lasting results that achieve increased traffic, better rankings, more sales that increase your return on investment (ROI). Search engines like Google reward sites that offer visitors an excellent user experience and valuable content. This is why I focus my services on optimizing websites for people and search engines alike.

A little about me:

My name is John Kline and I'm a professional SEO specialist and consultant. I have optimized many websites over the past decade using the best practices since 2001.

What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization is the process of making a website naturally or organically (un-paid) found in a search engine's result pages.

What do you do after I hire you?

After you hire me (buy my services), I begin by evaluating the needs of your website and your current online presence. I then do keyword research and devise an optimization plan, starting with immediate website needs in order to improve your search engine placement. Next I begin the SEO process by following the plan.

What makes your services different from others?

Complete transparency, which you can't get when you buy SEO services from a big company or agency. I take you through the process step-by-step as I work in order to educate you about search engine optimization. I explain in real words why what I’m doing is needed, and why certain things you may have learned are not necessary, true or effective. After you buy SEO services from me, your business website will get the focus it needs and the ranking it deserves while you learn the process.

Why do I need SEO?

SEO will increase organic search traffic to your website. Organic traffic is free, and the way I implement SEO greatly increases targeted visitors which improves your return on investment (ROI).

Can you guarantee page 1 ranking on Google?

No. A legitimate SEO company or expert will never promise this. What I can promise is that after you buy my SEO services, your site will receive an increase in organic traffic for searches directly related to your site through my work. These terms are what people actually search for in order to find your content.

Do you acquire backlinks to my site?

No. Google has recently launched a new initiative that sent link building back to the stone age (known as over-optimization). Google is rewarding sites for their content, and this is what I mainly focus on for my clients.

Why do you care about increasing organic traffic to my site?

SEO is my passion and the "geek" in me gets excited when I deliver real results for my clients. For me, Google is like taming a lion. You never know day to day how the beast will react. The art of search engine optimization is finding a way to get the results despite the lion's mood, while keeping the beast calm and relaxed so the site isn’t eaten.

How do I buy your services (hire you) and get started?

It's simple. Review my fees below first, then buy my professional services (hire me). I will immediately contact you by email after you buy. I will then walk you through what I need from you in order to access your site. While you are gathering this information for me, I review and analyze your site's immediate needs, conduct keyword research, and devise an SEO plan. I communicate my plan to you and then begin the work. Everything I do is communicated throughout the SEO process and with understandable explanations "why" they are important. I believe in teaching you along the way, never leaving you in the dark.

Some of my professional SEO services include:

  1. Keyword Research - I find what people are actively searching for in relevance your individual web pages.
  2. SEO Copywriting - I write or alter your pages copy for users while utilizing the keywords for the best results.
  3. Optimizing Source Code - I enhance your source code; what the user doesn't see, which Google does see.
  4. Titles and Meta Data - I optimize web page titles and meta data yielding great results for users and Google.
  5. On-page SEO - I focus on page content, page speed and all on-page aspects for users and Google.
  6. Increase website speed - I maximize your web page loading speeds using the best practices to increase ranking.
  7. Linking Structure - I optimize in-page links for your website users and Google.
  8. Social Media Optimization (SMO) - I optimize social media business pages and videos for for traffic.
  9. Local Business Internet Marketing Services - I submit to local online business listings in Google My Places, YellowPages, Yelp, SuperPages, WhitePages, etc.
  10. Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics - I use the tools Google created for monitoring and enhancing your web pages SEO performance.
Breakdown of my expert SEO service fees and why:

Base Fee per Month: $200
Details: Cleanup and implementation of code in relation to SEO in order to maintain the design and integrity of the website.

Hourly Rate: $125

Details: SEO work will be performed each month within the hours specified in the options selected below. Hourly updates on work preformed will be communicated to you in the method of your choice (email, Skype, and/or phone). Detailed SEO progress reports will be emailed at the end of each monthly cycle (date of sign up). Note: Backup files are made to ensure a quick recovery in the unlikely event an error occurs. I have proficient experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, vbScript (ASP/ASPX) and many CMS platforms (WordPress, Joomla, X-cart, AbleCommerce, etc.). PLEASE NOTE: I accomplish work quickly and proficiently. Certain circumstances require work hours that may exceed purchased hours. In these instances, there is no additional charge. Payments can also be made through monthly invoices if preferred.

If you prefer to buy different monthly work hours, have any questions, or you'd like a FREE SEO assessment of your site: Contact me here.

Buy my expert SEO Services:

When you hire me, my services include continuous on & off-page SEO.

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You will be contacted by email within 24 hours when you buy my services.

I look forward to working with you,
John Kline

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