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Key Toolbar Features:

Search the Web and more right from the toolbar.
Additional search features include dictionary, news, images, and stocks.

Access your E-mails
E-mail Notifier allows you to see new e-mail message counts and access them right from the toolbar.

Pop-up Blocker and Privacy
Block those annoying pop-ups, and have privacy while surfing the web.

Access our Free SEO Tools & Articles.
Target the best keywords using our keyword suggestion tool. Check your site's link popularity, Google backlinks, search saturation, blog popularity, keyword verification in the major search engines, and many more.

Access our Free Web Design Tools
Build and improve your website with over 30 free web design tools for building website menus, web pages, and much more.

Access our Free Website Content
Increase your website's "stickiness" by adding free content to your website.

Access Facebook and Twitter
Keep up-to-date with friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Access our Webmaster Forums
Discuss webmaster related subjects including Internet marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), search engines, web design, coding, and community.

NEW! Skype and Groupon
Now you can talk using Skype and save money with Groupon right from the toolbar!

NEW! Entertainment
Now you can listen to your favorite music, watch TV, and play video games right from the toolbar!

Plus you can add your own components to our webmaster toolbar!
Download it now!Download the SearchBliss Webmaster Toolbar

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Our webmaster toolbar is available for IE, FireFox, and Safari.
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