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New York Auto Show About Technology

   The New York International Auto Show, which opens to the public this Friday, is a demonstration of how cars are now viewed as four-wheeled computers, touting new safety features but also introducing a level of complexity that concerns some engineers and has piqued some drivers.

While there are usual planned publicity stunts reminiscent of Harry Houdini, such as putting a spanking new 2015 Mustang on the observation deck of the Empire State Building, much of the focus at the auto show will be on new connected car systems and technologies. Safety advocates are already talking about two long-awaited initiatives, rear-view camera systems and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.

Rear visibility rules for cars was initiated in 2008, but the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) flouted numerous deadlines, finally coming out with a mandate last month. As of May of 2018, all vehicles weighing less than 10,000 pounds will have to incorporate some technology to eliminate the blind spot behind vehicles. Read more @ Fox News

Apple Wants $2B from Samsung, Google's A Target

   Apple and Samsung are set to resume their patent battle when the two tech titans square of in California federal court on Monday. The conflict between two of the most powerful technology companies in the world — with billions of dollars at stake — has been escalating for years, and underscores the ferocious struggle for advantage in the highly competitive smartphone and tablet markets.

Apple and Samsung have accused each other of blatantly copying design features used in each company’s smartphones and tablets. For Apple, the campaign against Samsung amounts to a proxy war against Google’s Android operating system, which powers the most popular Samsung devices. Apple has already won one major patent infringement case against Samsung, resulting in damages that were ultimately pegged at $930 million. Samsung is appealing that verdict. Full story @ Time

Google Search Results Mirror Smartphones & Tablets

   Web surfing through the Internet's main gateway now looks slightly different on personal computers, thanks to a few cosmetic changes to Google's search engine this week.

The tweaks to the way Google's search results appear on desktop and laptop computers mirror a makeover on smartphones and tablets introduced a few months ago.

The new presentation increases font sizes and removes the underlines below the blue links of each search result on PCs. Ads appearing along the top and the right-hand panel of the results page no longer are presented in boxes shaded in blue and yellow. The marketing pitches are now marked by small ad tags to distinguish them from the rest of the results. Full story @ Huffington Post

Wearable Technology Around The Corner


Wearable Technology Start-ups & Their Gadgets

Bionym, which is developing the "Nymi," a wristband that the company says will use the wearer's unique cardiac rhythm to confirm identity, in lieu of a password or pin number.

Fashion Discovery Labs presented an app that could allow Google Glass wearers to take a picture of someone's clothing and instantly shop for the item online. The app will use image recognition to find similar items, and fashion stylists will pick the three best matches for the user to choose among. The user will then have the option to buy the item directly, search nearby stores or save it for future reference.

Jon Lou, a lifestyle brand that touts itself as "MIT engineering meets Italian design." The Staten Island-based startup is developing a fashionable handbag that could charge your phone or tablet, and light up inside when opened. Playfully named the "314" (the first three digits of pi), the handbag uses "MIT fuel cell technology," and could charge a phone 14 times before the battery needs to be replaced.

Kiwi Wearable Technologies, presented the "Kiwi Move," an all-purpose tracking device that the company says will contain motion sensors, temperature and air pressure sensors, a microphone and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities.

Source: LiveScience

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