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iPhone 7 release date, rumors & new features

   The first thing we'll (Macworld) address here is the name of the next iPhone. If Apple sticks to its traditional naming conventions, then it's more likely that the 2015 iPhone will be called the iPhone 6S instead of the iPhone 7.

However, it's been rumoured for a few years now that Apple is considering dropping the 'S' naming convention, as it's beginning to be perceived negatively. After all, it does make it seem like it's not a completely new device, but rather a stepping stone to the next iPhone.

We won't know until Apple confirms it, of course.

Another option is that the iPhone 7 will be called the iPhone Air.
iPhone 7 rumours: When is the iPhone 7 coming out?

Again, if Apple sticks to its traditions, we can expect the iPhone 7 to arrive in September 2015. However, it's possible and widely speculated that Apple will chose to begin releasing new iPhones twice a year, to help it keep up with the ever growing and ever improving competition.

We expect that the iPhone 7 will have a screen size of at least 4.7in, as that's the size Apple chose for the iPhone 6's display. It's unlikely that Apple will go back on its decision to make a bigger iPhone, so it'll stick to 4.7in or make it even bigger. Of course, there is already the iPhone 6 Plus with a 5.5in screen, so it's more likely that Apple will stick with those two sizes for a year or two yet.

You can also expect a camera boost, wireless charging features (they didn't arrive with the iPhone 6 as some had predicted, but were introduced to the Apple Watch as inductive charging), an A9 processor and iOS 9. Full story @ Macworld

Apple to Add Security Alerts for iCloud Users

   Apple said it plans additional steps to keep hackers out of user accounts, but denied that a lax attitude toward security had allowed intruders to post nude photos of celebrities on the Internet.

In his first interview on the subject, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said celebrities' iCloud accounts were compromised when hackers correctly answered security questions to obtain their passwords, or when they were victimized by a phishing scam to obtain user IDs and passwords.

He said none of the Apple IDs and passwords leaked from the company's servers.

To make such leaks less likely, Mr. Cook said Apple will alert users via email and push notifications when someone tries to change an account password, restore iCloud data to a new device, or when a device logs into an account for the first time. Read more @ WSJ

iPhone 6 Nearly Doubles Battery Power

   One of the big questions surrounding Apple's expected iPhone 6: what size battery it will come with? An industry analyst believes it might be bigger than earlier rumors suggested.

The 4.7-inch model of the iPhone 6 could ship with a 2,100mAh capacity battery, rather than the 1,810mAh battery previously believed to be coming to the handset, news chief analyst at ESM-China Sung Chang Xu posted on Weibo this week. The analyst's claims are based on supply chain sources.

Reports have been swirling for months over what size battery will come in the rumored iPhone 6. The iPhone 5S comes with a 1,560mAh battery. In July, a report surfaced saying Apple's new handset could come with a 1,810mAh battery. Read more @ c|net

Amazon's Smart Phone Is No Laughing Matter

   The next phase in Amazon's plan for world domination will be unveiled next week. The leading online retailer has scheduled a media event for June 18 in Seattle.

Reports surfaced in May that Amazon was set to introduce a smartphone with holographic features to deliver 3-D viewing, and that seems to be exactly what we're going to get come Wednesday. Amazon's video in anticipation of the media event finds people tilting their heads as they admire the device's display, lending credence to the chatter that the smartphone uses several cameras to track facial movements in order to project images with depth.

It's been more than a year since the market started talking about Amazon's inevitable foray into the smartphone market. It may be late to the party, but it's entry may also be disruptive -- and that's exactly what you need to do if you show up to a revolution with a tardy slip. Full story @ DailyFinance

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